How To Crack IIT Jee 2017

IIT-JEE is one of the most notable exams that conducted every year across the India. Lakhs of students are preparing for this exam but only a few are able to crack IIT JEE exam. There are only around 10 thousand seats are available in IITs therefore competition is high and it is very difficult to crack it’s both phases that are JEE Mains and IIT JEE advanced. Here we are going to introduce some tricks and methodologies so that you can crack IIT Jee 2017 easily.

  1. First of all, make your daily study timetable and distribute four hours to each subject. During studies focus on the concept instead of learning.
  1. Most of the students are not able to crack IIT JEE exam because their basics are not clear. They did not study sincerely in their 9th, 10th, 11th and in 12th and when they realize, they had already missed lots of time. So, if you want to crack IIT JEE exam, start your preparation from 9th class and work on a basic concept which will help you throughout in your studies.
  1. Time is very crucial and there is saying that “Time and tide wait for none”. So it is necessary for JEE aspirants to do best practice for time management before appearing in the exam. Divide your time among all the three subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and consistently follow the timetable daily. Invest your time in the theory as well as on solving mathematics questions by keeping the time limit in the mind. Always start solving basic questions because it takes less time and will build up confidence in you.
  1. Before solving the question, first read it carefully then try to solve it.
  1. Use proper study materials for your IIT JEE 2017 study. In the market there are many books and question papers are available for the preparation of IIT-JEE exam. But it is very confusing to choose which one is good or not. You must choose good authors’ book and stick to it because switching from one book to another will create a confusion and it will impact your study as well.
  1. First of all, try to solve questions by yourself at least for five times and if still, you are not getting the solution then use guide . Because there is no shortcut for success, harder you do, better you get.
  1. Never leave the question in middle try to solve it passionately if you have already given good amount time in it. Before attempting the question first solve it, there are many students who tick on the options without even solve it.
  1. You must include some time for daily enjoyment in your study schedule. There should be a balance between studies and regular activities. Also, you have to take a proper sleep of 6-7 hours so that next day can start your studies with a fresh mind.
  1. Instead, to doing late night studies, wake up early in the morning and sleep by 11 at night. This will not only help in grasping things easily but also create a good impact on health.
  1. Not be overconfident, always try to learn a new approach to solving IIT JEE questions. Always follow the latest IIT JEE exam syllabus while starting a new topic.

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